How To Download And Send New Animated WhatsApp Diwali Stickers

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Diwali 2021: Messaging platform WhatsApp has launched a Happy Diwali sticker pack for its Indian users, and anyone else who wants to send good wishes to people on the festive occasion.   

WhatsApp said its “fun and colourful Diwali sticker pack” aims to add to the festive cheer, making the exchange of messages more expressive and emotive.

“There is something for everyone and these Diwali stickers on WhatsApp are sure to make festive message exchange with friends and family even more exciting,” it said.

How To Download WhatsApp Diwali Stickers: 

Users looking to download and send the WhatsApp Diwali stickers to friends and family members can do so in a few simple steps, but they need to first make sure the application is up to date.

Steps To Download WhatsApp Diwali Stickers:

Step 1: Open your chat > click on sticker icon (iOS phones have this icon located on the right side of the text bar. In Android devices, the stickers icon is next to the GIF option)

Step 2: Tap the ‘plus’ icon, select the Happy Diwali sticker pack, and download 

Step 3: Go back to the chat and start sending the stickers 

Users can also directly download the sticker pack from here: 

Just in case you don’t like these stickers by WhatsApp, there are several third-party apps that you can download to send Diwali 2021 greetings to your friends and family. 

Android users can go to Google Play Store and search for ‘WhatsApp Diwali stickers’, and then install the app of your choice per and add your favourite Diwali sticker packs to WhatsApp.



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