Alert For Reliance Jio Customer, Cyber Criminals Targeting Them In The Name Of EKYC, Follow These 5 Points To Be Safe

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Jio Scam Alert : Cases of cyber fraud are increasing rapidly in the country. Cyber ​​criminals are breaking into the bank accounts of people in different ways every day. Sometimes in the name of KYC by becoming a bank officer and sometimes in the name of job. For the last few days, thugs are cheating Jio customers in the name of e-KYC. Many such cases have come to the fore. After receiving continuous complaints, Reliance Jio has now issued an alert to its customers. In this, tips have also been given to avoid this type of fraud. Let us know how Jio is being cheated by the customer and how to avoid it.

cheating is happening like this

So far, many such cases of fraud have come to the fore, in which a call comes to the users and the caller identifies himself as an executive of Jio. He says that the SIM will be closed if the e-KYC is not done. The caller pretends to do KYC online while sitting at home. After this, by sending a link, downloading the remote app or through OTP, it breaks into the bank account of the users.

In this way you can save

To avoid this type of fraud, caution is necessary. Reliance Jio has also given some tips while warning the customers in this regard.

1. Don’t fall prey to e-KYC

Issuing an alert to the customers, Jio has said that do not pay attention to any incoming call or message for e-KYC verification. In this type of call or message, you are asked to call a number and after that you are cheated by taking a bluff. In such a situation, do not fall into the trap of KYC like this. If KYC is to be done then go to Jio Store Near Me only.

2. Do not download any app for KYC

The thugs first take you into confidence and then ask you to download an app on the pretext of updating KYC. This is a remote app, through which they get access to your phone and then they transfer money. So if any such call comes and you are asked to download the app, then ignore it.

3. Do not give personal and important information to anyone on call

Reliance has also appealed to its customers not to share their personal and important information like Aadhaar number (Adhar), OTP, bank account number etc. with anyone. There have been many such cases in which the thugs have cheated by taking such details by pretending to be the customer care officer of Jio.

4. Don’t fall prey to connection closure

The company has also said that if you get any call or message regarding your number being closed, then there is a need to be careful. If a number is mentioned in such a message and it is asked to call, then understand that it is a fraud. In this way the SIM does not get turned off, even if the SIM is turned off, then you can activate it by going to the Jio service point.

5. Do not click on unknown links

Jio has also appealed to the customers not to click on any unknown link. Such links are sent in the name of e-KYC. In this, the customer is told that by clicking on the link, you will get the facility of KYC sitting at home. The company says that the company or its officials will never ask customers to download any third party app other than My JIo app.



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